Malaysian Podcasters Survey

Have you ever wondered whether your creative journey is similar to other podcasters? Would you like to know the most common podcasting format and challenges? Want to gauge the average consumption of local podcasts? Well, let’s attempt to find out by completing this simple survey together by 28 February 2021.

This survey is OPEN to all Malaysian podcasters (living locally or abroad) who have published at least one podcast episode. It doesn’t matter if the episode is merely a trailer or you have been on hiatus for a long time (we’ve all been there!). The overall results of this survey will be published for all to see and analyze. However, individual entries and personal data will be kept private and confidential.

The local podcasting scene is in its infancy and any kind of data collected will go a long way in understanding the wants and needs of Malaysian podcasters so that we, as a community, can better empower and assist each other. Join us in our journey to achieve better solidarity and engagement!

Be sure to share this survey with your podcasting friends and feel free to use the following visual to promote on your socials! The more people take part, the more helpful, representative, and accurate the data would be! If this goes well, we can also launch one for podcast listeners – wouldn’t that be awesome?

To take part, simply fill in the survey here:



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