Malaysian National Storytelling Competition 2020!

Why you should join!

I attended the Malaysian National Storytelling Competition (MNSC) last year to support my kids and I learned a lot about the competition in the process. From my experience, I realized that;

1) MNSC is a great starter competition for those who do not have prior competitive experience. This is because the competition only has 2 preliminary rounds and streams all participants into relatively small age groups. Therefore, it is not too taxing or intimidating on the kids as they will be competing with other students of the same age without too many grueling rounds. Since the speeches do not go beyond 4 minutes, participants will not need to struggle to find enough content either. Best of all, there is a workshop this year to really guide participants through the storytelling process!

2) Body language and Vocal Expression is key in doing well in the competition. Though there are set judging criteria involving style and content, I noticed that those who did well were participants who had great vocal variety, i.e. tone, pacing, and volume, and expressive body language, i.e. facial expression and hand gestures. This is what makes MNSC special from other public speaking competitions as here, there is a large emphasis given to how a story is told rather than whether the points are well-developed or there are enough examples given.

3) Due to the age group and size of the competition, there were many parents on-site and many participants became fast friends. This made the competition environment very supportive with the audience usually giving loud applauses to cheer participants on. Though there were a lot of participants practicing in the hallways in between rounds, there was an even larger number of them making friends and exchanging contacts.

4) What is really great about this competition is the learning experience you gain from participating. It does not just test your delivery and research skills but your impromptu skills as well – since there is 1 round where you would have to create a story on the spot. I think this round is important for students to think critically and independently in order to show off their own personal story-telling skills. While I was worried about my students during this round last year (and from the looks of other parents in the room, I wasn’t the only one!), I was actually pleasantly surprised by their performance which exceeded expectations. Even the youngest of participants did exceptionally well for this round! Pushing students out of their comfort zones is such an important learning process and I think MNSC not only rewards the hardworking but the brave as well!

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Taken from MIDP’s Facebook Page:

The Malaysian National Storytelling Competition is back again this year!

Last year we had some amazing storytellers and so many fun stories as you can see in the video and we are looking forward to hear all your stories this year!

The MNSC is a competition for students across Malaysia where they will present their creative stories to captivate the hearts and minds of our esteemed panel of adjudicators. This year, students will present stories based on theme of “Transforming the Future” where students are free to imagine the endless possibilities and interpretations of the future. On top of that, this year’s MNSC will also include a one day storytelling workshop for interested participants! For more information on the format, registration details, and schedule, simply refer to the links below:
MNSC E-Handbook:
MNSC Invitation Letter & Tentative:
MNSC Registration Form:
We will reach out to you once the online registration is completed. We look forward to seeing you, so go ahead and get cracking on your imagination!


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