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Women With Words

We heard YOU and we present to you, Women with Words 💃!

Women with Words (WwW) is Seek to Speak’s very own female speaking club – a platform where women and girls can deliver their speeches and share their views in a safe and supportive space. In the process, we hope to build confident female speakers through speech practice, supportive feedback, as well as meaningful group discussions.

You may register to be a Speaker or Participant during the meeting. Speakers will deliver a speech based on the theme while Participants will take part in the themed discussion to be had thereafter.

Your voice and your words are stronger than you know. We can’t wait to meet all of you and hear what you have to say ❤️

First WWW Meeting Details
– Date: 28 November 2020
– Time: 3pm
– Platform: Zoom
– Length: 1hour to 1hour 30mins
– Max Participants: 15 people
– Max Speakers: 6 people
– Target: Females of all ages

To participate, register here

Meeting Theme: Expectations
As women and girls, we have many expectations set upon us by our loved ones, our country, and even our faith. While some of these expectations give us purpose and a future to aspire to, others become a burden that we bear. These include how we are expected to look or wear, the words we use, the career we choose, or the partner we end up settling with. Sometimes, we also pass down these expectations to others, perhaps on our friends, spouse, or child. We expect these things because society expects them of us.

What do these expectations look like to you? Which ones affect you the most? Which do you carry with pride? Are they any you want to shed? What about the expectations you put on others?