Projects – International Women’s Day

International Women's Day

Speak Up Workshop Participants Doing IWD’s Break the Bias Pose

International Women's Day

As a platform that is passionate about helping women, we run annual projects to celebrate International Women’s Day. 

In 2021, we held an Instagram live event IG Live event where participants shared stories about their female role models, friends and family. We also released a 2-Part Podcast Special to celebrate the women and girls in our female speaking club. Check out Part 1 of the special here

In 2022, we ran our first capacity-building program and fundraiser aimed to raise awareness on the International Women’s Day’s theme, #BreaktheBias. We received 44 sign-ups for our online workshops, raised RM4,044 for a local women’s shelter, “Rumah Kita”, and held a sponsored giveaway. Check out our closing ceremony for the program here where we platformed 8 female performers. 

In 2023, and in conjunction with International Women’s Day and its theme, “Embrace Equity”, we held a short story competition to raise awareness on gender equity and what it means to all of us! Listen to our #KisahKita stories here. We would like to publish these stories into a book and we need your help to do it! Help us fund the publishing costs of #KisahKita to celebrate our participants’ experiences.

Seek to Speak started as an online community committed to empowering expression among women and youths through its events, female speaking club, and podcast show.

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