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Women With Words

Women with Words (WwW) is Seek to Speak’s very own female speaking club – a platform where women and girls can deliver their speeches and share their views in a safe and supportive space. In the process, we hope to build confident female speakers through speech practice, supportive feedback, as well as meaningful group discussions.

You may register to be a Speaker or Participant during the meeting. Speakers will deliver a speech based on the theme while Participants will take part in the themed discussion to be had thereafter.

Your voice and your words are stronger than you know. We can’t wait to meet all of you and hear what you have to say ❤️

First 2021 WWW Meeting Details

– Date: 16 January 2021 (Saturday)
– Time: 3pm-5pm
– Platform: Zoom
– Length: 2 hours
– Max Participants: 15 people
– Max Speakers: 6 people
– Target: Females of all ages

To participate, register here

Meeting Theme – Confidence

Confidence is the quality of being certain of your abilities. Confidence can come in many forms. While you may lack confidence in your ability to speak, you might instead, feel confident about your ability to create or design. While you don’t feel confident in your abilities, others may rely on you for support. While you seem confident on the outside, feelings of insecurity and anxiety may lurk on the inside. Confidence is an ever-changing facet in anyone’s life. It guides our decisions, our habits, and our lives.

  • Do you think confidence is gained through nature or nurture?

  • Were some people born confident while others required time for it to build?

  • Even as others have faith in us, do we suffer from imposter syndrome, believing that we are unworthy?

  • Or do we have so much faith in ourselves, that we are blinded by our own limitations? Does our lack of confidence lead to other self-esteem and mental health issues, causing us to push loved ones away, and in the process, hurt ourselves?

  • Do we limit our opportunities, our chances of success, our abilities to move forward due to our lack of confidence?

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