Our right to be safe from Child Marriage – A #GirlsTakeover Special with Manu, Mirsha, and Gaaya from the Women’s Aid Organisation

Welcome to our bi-weekly podcast where we aim to empower people to express themselves through speech! In each episode, we will seek to speak about ways to better verbalize ourselves and our stories. We will also have topical interview sessions with special guests and share select speaking tips, useful for the casual and competitive speaker.

S2S Special

This is a special episode of #GirlsTakeover Seek to Speak, a collaboration with the Women’s Aid Organization and in conjunction with UN’s 16 days of activism against gender-based violence. #GirlsTakeover is an initiative designed to reclaim and celebrate a girl’s right to voice out their opinions, take charge, and advocate for a change!

This episode features 15-year-old Mirsha Kumar and Manushri Gopikandan discussing their right to be safe from child marriage as we seek to clarify, contexualize and combat the problem. The episode will also be joined by the amazing Gaayathrey Balakrishnan, Women’s Aid Organization’s capacity building officer as she shares her insights from the perspective of civil society.


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